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Headingley, Leeds - Most Fielder Catches in Innings in first-class cricket

5J TunnicliffeLeicestershire v Yorkshire1897f4656
4JR MasonYorkshire v Kent1900f5388
4J TunnicliffeLancashire v Yorkshire1901f5673
4AC MacLarenYorkshire v Lancashire1904f6449
4PA PerrinYorkshire v Essex1904f6476
4AT BarberKent v Yorkshire1930f13078
4H SutcliffeDerbyshire v Yorkshire1930f13271
4WJ EdrichYorkshire v Middlesex1954f20634
4PJ SharpeWorcestershire v Yorkshire1962f24454
4AW GreigPakistan v England1974f30217
4JRT BarclayYorkshire v Sussex1976f31151
4RJ BlakeyMiddlesex v Yorkshire1985f35732
4GA HickPakistan v England1992f40048
4D ByasLancashire v Yorkshire1993f40490
4OP RaynerYorkshire v Sussex2009f51608







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