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Headingley, Leeds - Highest Team Totals in first-class cricket

677-7dYorkshire v Durham2006f49528
677-7dYorkshire v Derbyshire2013f54821
673-8dYorkshire v Northamptonshire2003f47242
653-4dAustralia v England1993f40600
630Somerset v Yorkshire1901f5641
628-8dIndia v England2002f46731
622-8dEssex v Yorkshire2005f48690
610-6dYorkshire v Durham2010f52407
601-7dAustralia v England1989f38129
593-9dYorkshire v Hampshire2016f57090
584Australia v England1934f14705
570-7dEngland v West Indies2007f50087
570Yorkshire v Derbyshire2005f48749
566Australia v England1930f13198
560-6dYorkshire v Leicestershire1921f9920
557-6dYorkshire v Surrey2016f57114
550-4dEngland v India1967f26772
546-4dEngland v New Zealand1965f25874
545-7dNottinghamshire v Yorkshire2010f52513
543-5dYorkshire v Leeds/Bradford Marylebone Cricket Club University2017f57850
538South Africa v England1951f19285
538Pakistan v England2006f49480
537-9dKent v Yorkshire2012f53985
533England v Australia1985f35797
531Yorkshire v Lancashire2001f45956
529-8dYorkshire v Lancashire1996f42552
528-6dYorkshire v Middlesex1925f11337
526England v New Zealand2004f48007
525-4dYorkshire v Somerset1953f19975
524-7dEssex v Yorkshire1984f35268
522South Africa v England2008f50889
521-7dYorkshire v Worcestershire2007f50063
520-7dYorkshire v Sussex1949f18377
519-6dYorkshire v Surrey1936f15443
518Durham v Yorkshire2006f49528
517Lancashire v Yorkshire2007f50170
516-7dSurrey v Yorkshire2017f57945
516-9dMiddlesex v Yorkshire1995f41888
515-5dYorkshire v Lancashire2002f46692
515England v Pakistan2006f49480
510India v England1967f26772
510Surrey v Yorkshire2002f46594
508-5dYorkshire v Derbyshire2000f45099
508Yorkshire v Warwickshire1996f42457
505-9dYorkshire v Somerset2013f54832
505England v South Africa1951f19285
501-7dYorkshire v Worcestershire1997f43232
501-9dAustralia v England1997f43172
501-9dYorkshire v Somerset2005f48635
501England v Pakistan1996f42525
500-8dYorkshire v Sussex1932f13902
500-9dWest Indies v England1966f26428
500South Africa v England1955f21003
500Yorkshire v Leicestershire2001f45919







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