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Headingley, Leeds - Double Centuries in first-class cricket

339  DS LehmannYorkshire v Durham2006f49528
334  DG BradmanAustralia v England1930f13198
310*JH EdrichEngland v New Zealand1965f25874
304  DG BradmanAustralia v England1934f14705
270  H SutcliffeYorkshire v Sussex1932f13902
270*CF HughesDerbyshire v Yorkshire2013f54821
267*W RhodesYorkshire v Leicestershire1921f9920
252  DS LehmannYorkshire v Lancashire2001f45956
251*DJ HusseyNottinghamshire v Yorkshire2010f52513
248  W BarberYorkshire v Kent1934f14588
246*G BoycottEngland v India1967f26772
246  JM BairstowYorkshire v Hampshire2016f57090
238  DR MartynYorkshire v Gloucestershire2003f47432
236  EAB RowanSouth Africa v England1951f19285
236  JE RootYorkshire v Derbyshire2013f54821
235  H SutcliffeYorkshire v Middlesex1925f11337
235  AJ LambNorthamptonshire v Yorkshire1990f38686
235  MR RamprakashMiddlesex v Yorkshire1995f41888
232*G BrownHampshire v Yorkshire1920f9655
228*JA RudolphYorkshire v Durham2010f52407
226  KP PietersenEngland v West Indies2007f50087
225  GD LloydLancashire v Yorkshire1997f43035
223*RJ BlakeyYorkshire v Northamptonshire2003f47242
219  PA JaquesYorkshire v Derbyshire2005f48749
216*AA MetcalfeYorkshire v Middlesex1988f37691
213  JE RootYorkshire v Surrey2016f57114
212*G CoxSussex v Yorkshire1949f18377
211*M LeylandYorkshire v Lancashire1930f13115
209*IJ HarveyYorkshire v Somerset2005f48635
208  CG GreenidgeHampshire v Yorkshire1977f31688
206*A FordhamNorthamptonshire v Yorkshire1990f38686
206  SG LawLancashire v Yorkshire2007f50170
206*VS SolankiWorcestershire v Yorkshire2009f51583
205*Mohammad YousufLancashire v Yorkshire2008f50845
204*RJ BlakeyYorkshire v Gloucestershire1987f37162
203*MD MoxonYorkshire v Kent1995f41790
202*MJ WoodYorkshire v Bangladesh A2005f48758
200*AR BorderAustralia v England1993f40600
200*MJ WoodYorkshire v Warwickshire1998f43861







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