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Headingley, Leeds - Five Wickets in an Innings in List A matches

7-15RA HuttonYorkshire v Worcestershire1969a201
7-27D GoughYorkshire v Ireland1997a10587
7-36Waqar YounisPakistan v England2001a13532
7-51WW DavisWest Indies v Australia1983a3680
6-14GJ GilmourAustralia v England1975a1437
6-25G ChappleLancashire v Yorkshire1998a11345
6-32SA PattersonYorkshire v Derbyshire2010a20570
6-32MT ColesKent v Yorkshire2012a21962
5-16GM HamiltonYorkshire v Hampshire1998a11233
5-18PW JarvisYorkshire v Derbyshire1990a6552
5-22P CarrickYorkshire v Glamorgan1991a7105
5-22JA LeaningYorkshire v Unicorns2013a22766
5-24CW HendersonLeicestershire v Yorkshire2004a15849
5-25D GoughYorkshire v Surrey1998a11179
5-25C WhiteYorkshire v Lancashire2000a12659
5-26DS HarrisonGlamorgan v Yorkshire2002a14523
5-27A SidebottomYorkshire v Glamorgan1987a5331
5-28CEW SilverwoodYorkshire v Scotland1996a9839
5-30Azeem RafiqYorkshire v Bangladesh A2013a22743
5-31MD MoxonYorkshire v Warwickshire1991a7055
5-32AC MorrisYorkshire v Young Australia1995a9341
5-33BJ GriffithsNorthamptonshire v Yorkshire1983a3769
5-33MCJ BallGloucestershire v Yorkshire2003a15336
5-34DK LilleeAustralia v Pakistan1975a1412
5-34PAJ DeFreitasLeicestershire v Yorkshire1987a5350
5-36K AliWorcestershire v Yorkshire2002a14330
5-39ALF de MelSri Lanka v Pakistan1983a3698
5-42ND ThornicroftYorkshire v Gloucestershire2003a15336
5-43PJ HartleyYorkshire v Scotland1986a4840
5-44Abdul QadirPakistan v Sri Lanka1983a3698
5-50GB StevensonYorkshire v Worcestershire1982a3266
5-51DJ CapelNorthamptonshire v Yorkshire1997a10539
5-51A ShahzadYorkshire v Sri Lanka A2007a18312







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