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Headingley, Leeds - Lowest Team Totals in List A matches

23Middlesex v Yorkshire1974a1196
50Hampshire v Yorkshire1991a7013
53Ireland v Yorkshire1997a10587
54Yorkshire v Essex2003a15086
59Warwickshire v Yorkshire2001a13616
68Lancashire v Yorkshire2000a12885
75Yorkshire v Kent1995a9284
81Yorkshire v Lancashire1998a11345
81Yorkshire v Lancashire2002a14283
83Glamorgan v Yorkshire1987a5331
86Worcestershire v Yorkshire1969a201
88Yorkshire v Worcestershire1995a9261
89Lancashire v Yorkshire2008a19018
90Surrey v Yorkshire1996a9891
93England v Australia1975a1437
93Yorkshire v Leicestershire1998a11224
94Derbyshire v Yorkshire2008a18960







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