Headingley, Leeds - Highest Team Totals in List A matches

345-5Yorkshire v Nottinghamshire1996a9925
338-5Somerset v Yorkshire2013a22614
324-2Sri Lanka v England2006a17506
324-6India v England2007a18365
321-7England v Sri Lanka2006a17506
317-5Yorkshire v Scotland1986a4840
314-4Northamptonshire v Yorkshire2007a18274
309-5Yorkshire v Minor Counties1997a10507
309-5Sri Lanka v England2011a21399
303-4Yorkshire v Leicestershire2008a19091
302-7Leicestershire v Yorkshire2008a19091
299-3Yorkshire v Kent2002a14580
299-6Yorkshire v Ireland1995a9308
298-6New Zealand v England1990a6561
297-3Australians v Yorkshire1989a6057
295-6England v New Zealand1990a6561
295-6England v Pakistan2010a20768
294-7England v India2014a23528
294-8Pakistan v England2010a20768
292-4Yorkshire v Lancashire2006a17454
290-7Yorkshire v Worcestershire1982a3393
287-9Lancashire v Yorkshire2006a17454
286-5Worcestershire v Yorkshire1982a3393
286-5Northamptonshire v Yorkshire1995a9379
284-4Leicestershire v Yorkshire2007a18218
282-8Yorkshire v Leicestershire2007a18218
279-3First-Class Counties Select XI v South Africans1998a11333
279-6Yorkshire v Kent1980a2745
279South Africans v First-Class Counties Select XI1998a11333
278-7Australia v Pakistan1975a1412
276-4Warwickshire v Yorkshire1984a4084
275-4England v South Africa2008a19119
275-8Pakistan v Australia1999a11932
275-9Sri Lanka A v Yorkshire2014a23445
274-3Yorkshire v Warwickshire2003a15243
273-6Warwickshire v Yorkshire2003a15243
273-8Yorkshire v Warwickshire1984a4084
272-4Yorkshire v Ireland1993a8103
272-5Australia v South Africa1999a11976
271-5Yorkshire v Sussex2004a15893
271-7South Africa v Australia1999a11976
270-7Yorkshire v Scotland1996a9839
270Yorkshire v Northamptonshire2005a16744
269-5Yorkshire v Durham1998a11215
269-6Yorkshire v Lancashire1987a5213
269-9Warwickshire v Yorkshire1980a2621
269Gloucestershire v Yorkshire2009a19773
268-4Yorkshire v Warwickshire1980a2621
267-9Sussex v Yorkshire2004a15893
266-6England v India1974a1228
266-6Yorkshire v Unicorns2013a22766
266-8Durham v Yorkshire2007a18253
265India v England1974a1228
265Australia v Pakistan1999a11932
264-3Lancashire v Yorkshire1992a7685
264-7Surrey v Yorkshire2005a16738
261-7Yorkshire v Surrey2005a16738
260-6Yorkshire v Lancashire1992a7685
258-7Essex v Yorkshire1998a11226
257-7Yorkshire v Durham2001a13469
257-7Leicestershire v Yorkshire2004a15849
255-6Hampshire v Yorkshire1979a2483
255South Africa v England2008a19119
254-3Northamptonshire v Yorkshire1997a10539
253-4Yorkshire v Glamorgan1991a7105
253-8Leicestershire v Yorkshire2005a16830
253-9Yorkshire v Northamptonshire1997a10539
253India v England2014a23528
252-3Gloucestershire v Yorkshire1997a10556
252-9West Indies v Australia1983a3680
251-6Derbyshire v Yorkshire2006a17391
251-8Leicestershire v Yorkshire2003a15182







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