Worcestershire Cricket Archive

Bowling for Worcestershire in 1984

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DA Banks240170    
TS Curtis210220    
DB D'Oliveira67824341102-5034.10 00
RM Ellcock132832714294-3424.62 00
GA Hick360270    
RK Illingworth44642201872575-3232.84 20
JD Inchmore29821101364444-3731.00 00
Kapil Dev177975819355-3023.40 20
PA Neale90110    
PJ Newport122836689215-5132.80 10
DN Patel46202192063615-2833.81 20
AP Pridgeon43191681949665-5029.53 20
DM Smith3602211-2022.00 00
AE Warner111633632155-2742.13 10
MJ Weston74229315144-4422.50 00




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