Worcestershire Cricket Archive

Bowling for Worcestershire in 1975

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BM Brain2430501417528-5527.25 21
J Cumbes84024440133-5033.84 00
BL D'Oliveira27601121278304-3842.60 00
N Gifford45531921941656-7729.86 20
EJO Hemsley70329292123-5224.33 00
VA Holder152154636194-2133.47 00
Imran Khan148840794326-3624.81 20
JD Inchmore2350591216344-6335.76 00
IN Johnson62018358105-7435.80 10
JA Ormrod6030    
JM Parker198317333-2657.66 00
AP Pridgeon6001335653-1871.20 00
R Senghera106032574103-4557.40 00
KW Wilkinson186415921-5779.50 00




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