Deaths on 4th August

1859C Goring(Cambridge University)
1870JH Mather(Victoria)
1874T Hand(Eton College)
1878WS Holberton(Gentlemen of Devon)
1890GH Potter(umpire)
1895SHC Tayler(Haileybury College)
1897FHH Ravenhill(Sussex)
1902RB Ranken(Oxford University)
1903S Pearson(Cheshire, Gentlemen of Cheshire, Gentlemen of Shropshire, Ludlow, Macclesfield Olympic)
1910LH Bayley(Gentlemen of Kent, Kent, Marylebone Cricket Club)
1913R Wister(Young America, Young America Second XI, Young America Veterans)
1914W Wyndham(Harrow School)
1916DGL Veitch(The Rest, Westminster School)
1917CTH Perry(Canterbury, Tasmania)
1918FF Kelly(Cheshire, Gentlemen of Cheshire, Huntingdonshire, Stockport)
1919DW Gregory(Australia, New South Wales)
1919D Ronald(Tonbridge School)
1921AC James(Buckinghamshire, Cambridge University Long Vacation Club, Eton College, Eton Ramblers, Gentlemen of Buckinghamshire, Gentlemen of Monmouthshire, Maidenhead, Monmouthshire)
1924JHN Barton(Sherborne School)
1930WH Clifton(Lincolnshire)
1934CH Pollen(The Oratory School)
1941F Clayton(Canterbury)
1941F Holdsworth(Wellington)
1944JCF Keatinge(Winchester College)
1945GD Edwards(Melbourne)
1948AJ Betts(Tasmania)
1948H Edgington(Cambridgeshire)
1950RA Liddell(Northumberland Club and Ground)
1950B Lilley(Nottinghamshire, The Rest)
1952LW Gwyn(Buckinghamshire, Christ's Hospital, Lincolnshire, Moseley)
1954RWT Forster(umpire)
1958JK Lane(Nottinghamshire Club and Ground, Nottinghamshire Second XI, Rossall School)
1958R Moroney(South Australia)
1960RC Eden(Nelson)
1961JC Watt(Tasmania)
1962EH Kitson(South Australia)
1962EO Pretheroe(Nigeria Europeans, Norfolk)
1963S Boucher(Kent, Royal Navy)
1964RR Kimbell(Northamptonshire)
1965HG Wheeler(Somerset)
1966EG Northway(Royal Air Force, Somerset)
1967TPB Smith(East, England, Essex, Marylebone Cricket Club, South, The Rest)
1969SF Bergin(Ireland)
1975MW Smith(Kent Second XI, Tonbridge School)
1976GHGM Cartwright(Free Foresters, Marylebone Cricket Club, Oxford University)
1980RH Neilson(Marlborough College, Old Marlburians)
1982GR Pullinger(Essex)
1986JR Outram(Devon, Devon Colts, Marlborough College)
1988PJ Lowe(Warwickshire)
1989LJ Mullins(Manawatu)
1989R Schofield(Cheshire)
1990AE Mayo(Griqualand West)
1990JM Monkhouse(Rugby School)
1990Umar Khan(Western India, Western India States)
1991WE Tucker(Sherborne School)
1995GA Pool(umpire)
1997C Burke(Auckland, New Zealand, New Zealand XI)
1998RW Boon(Glamorgan)
2000WF Blencowe(Northcote)
2000LW Garnar(Malvern, South Melbourne)
2004HR Thompson(Benwell, Benwell Hill, Northumberland, Universities Athletic Union)
2007JT Rowan(Huntingdonshire)
2008VW McCaffery(New South Wales)
2009R Dufty(Tasmania)
2010K Ganapathy Rao(Madras, Mysore)
2013JH Chambers(Huntingdonshire, Papworth)
2013Des Raj(umpire, referee)





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