Deaths on 13th October

1861GTW Sibthorp(Oxford University)
1866H Arkwright(Cambridge University, Gentlemen, Gentlemen of Marylebone Cricket Club, Gentlemen of the North, I Zingari, Marylebone Cricket Club)
1866W Hopkins(Cambridge University)
1881A Talbot(Harrow School)
1887GM Kettle(Marylebone Cricket Club, Nottinghamshire)
1893G Barker(Cambridge University)
1894FW Allix(Gentlemen of Surrey, Harrow School, Household Brigade, Lincolnshire, Officers of the Guard, Royal Artillery, Sleaford)
1896OE Winslow(Sussex)
1898A Capel-Cure(Cambridge University Crusaders, Essex, Gentlemen of Essex)
1898Lord H Paget(Derbyshire, I Zingari, Kelso, Marylebone Cricket Club, North Staffordshire, Shugborough)
1902RT Gurdon(Cambridge University, Eton College, Gentlemen of Norfolk, Marylebone Cricket Club, Norfolk, Peripatetics)
1904WD Barnard(Clare College, Cambridge, J Furley's XI, Rutland, Uppingham)
1904RFN Clarke(Gentlemen of Northumberland, Northumberland)
1904R McPherson(Auckland)
1908RR Bousfield(Bishop Auckland and District)
1911EL Rees(Cardiff, Gentlemen of Glamorgan, Glamorgan)
1913D Burns(Nelson)
1914CD Bascom(Marlborough College)
1914WE Parke(Army)
1914H Wall(Lancashire)
1915TL Claughton(Radley College)
1915JTH du Boulay(Gentlemen of Wiltshire)
1915P Gedge(Durham School)
1915FW Robarts(Buckinghamshire, Surrey Second XI, Whitgift Grammar School)
1915G Sanderson(Oakham School, Oakham School Second XI)
1915A Soames(umpire)
1915GD Wood(Oxford University)
1917DLC Absolom(South)
1918FM Bentley(Lancashire Second XI)
1921GA Tower(Gentlemen of Devon, Royal Engineers)
1924BM Davies(Christ Church, Oxford, Cirencester, Eton College, Harlequins, Oxford University, Perambulators)
1924R Dewhurst(Lancashire)
1926FM Keyworth(Norfolk)
1927Earl of Lewes(I Zingari)
1929FH Browning(Marylebone Cricket Club)
1929EL Squance(Durham, Durham Colts, Durham Senior Cricket League, Rossall School)
1930R Dale(Northumberland)
1933JH Moulder(London County, Surrey, Transvaal)
1933EGA Winter(Marlborough College)
1935AP Wickham(Gentlemen, Oxford University, Somerset, South)
1937JEC Morton(Gentlemen of Philadelphia)
1937H Spencer(Derbyshire)
1942HA Hooker(Kent)
1942AJ Luckham(Cambridge University Long Vacation Club, East Gloucestershire, Tonbridge School)
1943JS Russell(Northumberland, Sherborne School)
1945T Crage(Eastern Province)
1946J Longstreth(Germantown, Germantown Second XI)
1948JE Craigie(South Australia)
1948H Dods(Lincolnshire)
1951WG Quaife(England, Griqualand West, London County, The Rest, Warwickshire)
1954CJT Pool(Northamptonshire)
1956CE Bateman-Champain(Gloucestershire, Marylebone Cricket Club)
1957APFC Somerset(Marylebone Cricket Club, Sussex)
1960GT Chesswas(Collingwood, Fitzroy, Northcote)
1961HJ Taylor(Kent)
1962F Rooney(umpire)
1964BT Bailey(South Australia)
1964JC Sale(Lincolnshire, Marlborough College)
1966WB Axford(umpire)
1966CS Marriott(Cambridge University, England, Free Foresters, Gentlemen, Kent, Lancashire, Marylebone Cricket Club)
1967JJV Bohan(Collingwood, Hawthorn-East Melbourne)
1970GF Foley(Royal Artillery, Wellington College)
1970WJ Schollum(New Zealand Minor Associations)
1971NR Hack(South Australia)
1972AH Fabling(Warwickshire)
1974HH Fuller(Border, Western Province)
1975WC Ivory(The Rest)
1978W Yates(Beaconsfield, British Empire XI, Buckinghamshire, Home Counties)
1979GH Andrew(Christ's Hospital)
1979JPK Fernando(St Joseph's College)
1979SF Pickup(The Leys School)
1980DG Foster(Gentlemen, Warwickshire)
1980SA Thwaits(Eastern Province, Western Province)
1982GC Newman(Free Foresters, Marylebone Cricket Club, Middlesex, Oxford University)
1983RN Hunt(Middlesex)
1983JD Watney(Sherborne School)
1985RL Rutherfoord(Natal XI)
1985JW Wilson(Australia, South Australia, Victoria)
1986KJ Earl(Minor Counties)
1987JR Patel(umpire)
1989EGS Kelaart(Ceylon, Ceylonese, Dr J Rockwood's Ceylon XI, Dr J Rockwood's Ceylonese XI)
1991GLB August(Minor Counties)
1991BJ Fussell(Transvaal, Transvaal B)
1991JM Kaplan(Natal, South African Universities)
1993RI Mould(Chester Boughton Hall)
1994JDK Dawes(Durham University)
1998GN Booth(Wallasey)
2000MJ Davis(Northamptonshire)
2007C Milne(South Melbourne, Williamstown)
2007RN Pal(Uttar Pradesh)
2008JD Prentice(scorer)
2010A Padmanabhan(Kerala)
2010S Vohra(Uttar Pradesh)
2013EJ Barnes(South Melbourne)





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