Deaths on 23rd June

1862F Rowley(New South Wales)
1878W Baldock(Gentlemen of Kent)
1879J Marcy(Shropshire)
1882R Letby(Bradford, Gentlemen of Yorkshire, York, Yorkshire, Yorkshire)
1888J Chester(Marylebone Cricket Club, Surrey)
1888E Gurney(Trinity College, Cambridge Long Vacation Club)
1891G Parr(Gentlemen of Southwell, Kent, Marylebone Cricket Club, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, Players of Nottinghamshire, Surrey, Sussex)
1895GP Robertson(Oxford University, Victoria)
1898V Epeli(Fiji)
1908WH Chapman(Cambridge Town Club)
1908FW Hotham(Marylebone Cricket Club, Somerset)
1908WH Lee(Christ's College, Cambridge)
1916C Freeman-Cowen(Felsted School)
1918TF Wilson(Durham, Durham Club and Ground, Durham Colts, Northumberland, South Shields, Tyneside Wanderers)
1919CAG Hulton(Lancashire)
1919RF Waugh(North Melbourne, Port Melbourne, South Melbourne, St Kilda)
1920M Chambers(Nottinghamshire)
1920HE Meek(Marylebone Cricket Club)
1920EF Temple(30th and 55th Regiments)
1923CT van Geyzel(Ceylonese, Colombo Academy, Royal College, Colombo)
1924TH Black(Toronto, Yorkshire)
1928C Hall(South Northumberland)
1931J Alban(Shropshire, Staffordshire)
1932PH Smith(Wellington)
1933RB Airey(Hampshire)
1933SW Meek(East Gloucestershire, Yorkshire Gentlemen)
1937P Ashworth(Harrow School, Marylebone Cricket Club)
1938CM Chapman(Tonbridge School)
1939TH Pike(Rockcliff)
1939RFM Wood(Shropshire)
1940WJ O'Hanlon(New South Wales)
1941WM Sing(Christ's College, Cambridge, London Hospital, Loretto School, Marylebone Cricket Club)
1942HW Hole(Nelson)
1950HK Foster(Marylebone Cricket Club, Oxford University, Worcestershire)
1950FD Hatch(St Kilda)
1952P Williams(Cambridgeshire)
1953A Hingston(Devon, South Devon, Teignbridge)
1956R Maxwell(Dumfriesshire, East of Scotland, Scotland, Scotland XI)
1956VR O'Connor(Middlesex)
1961ACG Luther(Marylebone Cricket Club, Sussex)
1962EA Collymore(Barbados)
1963GG Griffiths(umpire)
1963JA Massey(Middlesex)
1965G Parsons(Carlton, South Melbourne)
1966JE Shelley(University)
1969T Usher(Marylebone Cricket Club, Wiltshire)
1971ES Hylton(Kensington Park, Marlborough)
1972RA Lumb(Northern Command)
1973GR Byrne(Warwickshire, Worcestershire)
1973AG Dawes(Northamptonshire)
1974AE Charlwood(Sussex)
1974CP Johnstone(Cambridge University, Europeans, Europeans in the East, Free Foresters, Kent, Madras, Marylebone Cricket Club, Southern India)
1976GL Crowe(Worcestershire)
1980JWS Moore(Hampshire)
1983RSA Hardy(Emeriti, Free Foresters, Gentlemen of Staffordshire, Marylebone Cricket Club, Staffordshire, Stonyhurst College)
1985W Lochhead(Wiltshire, Wiltshire Club and Ground)
1986CR Russell(Beaumont College)
1987AM Tew(Oxford University)
1989PSC Johnson(Eastern Province)
1991FW Clowes(Norfolk, Oundle School)
1992HK Bellis(Rangitikei)
1993RH Cook(umpire)
1993DEW Dempsey(Backworth, Blyth, Northumberland)
1996RR Lindwall(Australia, New South Wales, Queensland)
1998NRP Nupen(Transvaal)
1999JF Horak(Orange Free State)
2003DT Ring(Australia, Victoria)
2005Bruce(Lords and Commons)
2006J Haynes(Canterbury Women)
2006BK Kunderan(Cricket Club of India, India, Mysore, Railways, Scotland, State Bank of India)
2006EA Meads(Nottinghamshire)
2006PS Rajguru(Maharashtra)
2009PJ Tynan(Cork County, Irish Schools, Leprechauns, Munster, North Leinster, Old Belvedere)
2010D Banton(Oxfordshire)
2012F Forster(Benwell, Durham, Durham Senior Cricket League)
2012CTP Johns(Christ's Hospital)
2012AR King(Natal)
2012R Russell(scorer)
2014PLJ Fernando(Moratuwa Sports Club, Old Cambrians Sports Club, Sri Lanka Under-25s)
2014Imran Afzal(Pakistan Steel)
2014EJ Lewis(Glamorgan, Marylebone Cricket Club, Sussex)
2016PN Tennant(Warwickshire)





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