Deaths on 1st September

1841J Pontifex(Marylebone Cricket Club, Middlesex)
1855WR Wright(Huntingdonshire)
1861TS Fryer(Cambridge Town Club)
1872J Kent(Toronto, Upper Canada College)
1880E Straton(Gentlemen of Northumberland, Northumberland)
1883S Denison(Bradford, Durham, Farsley, Northumberland, Sunderland, Yeadon)
1887GS Raynor(Cambridge University)
1897AW Chester-Master(Gloucestershire)
1898WN Tayloe(Westminster School)
1899HR Lempriere(67th Regiment)
1904E Leaney(Kent)
1908WJ Collyer(Surrey)
1909D Griffiths(Drumpellier)
1909HR Lonsdale(Westminster School)
1913WS Harrison(Rugby School)
1916O Walker(Gentlemen of Lincolnshire, Horncastle)
1917P Briggs(Staffordshire)
1918JA Howfield(Royal Grammar School, Worcester Second XI)
1918HH Sharp(Hawke's Bay)
1920J Clegg(Northumberland)
1927JW Toone(Jamaica)
1928FJ Nicholls(Cambridge University Long Vacation Club, Rugby School)
1929FH Farthing(Hong Kong)
1929A Stubbs(Hawke's Bay)
1930CR Filgate(Gloucestershire, Marylebone Cricket Club)
1931W Thayer(Gentlemen of Philadelphia)
1932JC Armstrong(Benwell)
1936N Spicer(Cambridge University)
1939CA Campbell(Norfolk)
1939FR Loveitt(Warwickshire)
1940RW Eustace(Hawksburn, Prahran)
1940JR Mayer(Oxford University Authentics)
1940PE Ricketts(Free Foresters, Upper India)
1941RD Vizard(Agra, Cheshire, Dorset, Free Foresters, Shropshire)
1944CW Mole(Berkshire, Marlborough College)
1945LF Ward(Derbyshire)
1947T Beacham(Fitzroy)
1947WS Newhall(American I Zingari, Detroit Athletic Club, Incapables, Modocs, Young America, Young America Second XI)
1949E Morgan(Glamorgan)
1949RV Ryder(Bedfordshire, Staffordshire, Warwickshire, Warwickshire Club and Ground, Wednesbury)
1950J Carew(Queensland)
1951GB Atkinson(Middlesex)
1955EA Goss(Victoria)
1957WRM Cockburn(Scotland)
1958A Page(Marylebone Cricket Club, Oxford University)
1964GL Burnham(Europeans, Sussex)
1964LR Percival(Eton College)
1966HR Miller(Warwickshire)
1966EFR Wood(Merion A)
1967H Storer(Derbyshire)
1967JD Woods(Canadian I Zingari)
1971G Forster(umpire)
1972JS Heath(Derbyshire, Europeans)
1973V Croome(Royal Air Force)
1973RC Wooler(Transvaal)
1974P Dulling(Tasmania)
1974HS Garratt(Worcestershire)
1975TH Evans(Christ's Hospital)
1975DA Mullarkey(New South Wales)
1976L Horridge(Lancashire, Minor Counties)
1979I Collins(Prahran)
1981R Parkin(East Melbourne)
1981PW Punshon(St Kilda, Victoria)
1983LS Brown(North Eastern Transvaal, Rhodesia, South Africa, Transvaal)
1983C Stack(Europeans)
1984WC Ross(Western Province)
1986IJ Wood(University, Victoria Colts)
1987RH Cobbold(Cambridge University, Free Foresters)
1988Maharaja of Baroda(Baroda, Indian Starlets, Western India States)
1992AMC Jenour(Monmouthshire)
1994W Mathias(Karachi, Karachi A, Karachi Blues, Karachi Whites, National Bank of Pakistan, National Bank of Pakistan A, Pakistan, Pakistan Combined Schools, Sind)
1996CH Thomas(British Guiana)
1998JRG Seward(Cheshire, Free Foresters, The Forty Club, Uppingham School)
2002CW Warner(Liverpool, Oxton)
2003B McBurney(Waikato)
2004RC Ferrier(Cranleigh School)
2005TE O'Dwyer(Western Australia)
2007Iqbal Siddiqi(Belgium)
2009VB Adams(Transvaal B)
2009LS Butler(Trinidad, West Indies)
2010NS Hodge(umpire)
2010SC Sadleir(Leeton, New South Wales Country, Riverina, Southern New South Wales, Wagga Wagga)
2015DC Mootham(Bryanston School)





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