Bowling for Surrey in 1938 County Championship

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HT Barling601220    
F Berry177561814315-6126.25 10
FR Brown4428320156-4421.33 21
JV Daley254712964-3821.50 00
LB Fishlock351280    
HM Garland-Wells95426439185-2724.38 10
AR Gover3890902006847-3523.88 41
RJ Gregory179680816243-3434.00 00
ERT Holmes12648421-2742.00 00
KCW King2941311241-1428.00 00
AJW McIntyre1501011-1010.00 00
JF Parker3032941460605-2324.33 10
HS Squires27291031216405-3730.40 20
EA Watts394711920171145-3517.69 60
EW Whitfield181412341-030.75 00







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