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Queensland in Other Matches in 1989/90

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Home Grounds used:
Carrara Oval, Carrara; Association Ground, Rockhampton; Roy Henzell Oval, Caloundra; Brisbane Cricket Ground, Woolloongabba, Brisbane; Marchant Park, Brisbane; Ray Mitchell Oval, Harrup Park, Mackay; Salter Oval, Bundaberg; Windsor Park, Brisbane; Ken Mackay Oval, Brisbane

Away Grounds visited:
Wesley College, Melbourne; Toorak Park, Melbourne; City Oval, Coburg; St Kilda Cricket Ground, Melbourne; Carey Grammar School Oval No 1, Melbourne; Canterbury Park, Eaglehawk; Weeroona Oval, Bendigo; Queen Elizabeth II Oval, Bendigo; Golden Square, Bendigo; Strathdale Park, Bendigo; Carrara Oval, Carrara; Adelaide; Park 25, Adelaide; Association Ground, Rockhampton; Ken Mackay Oval, Brisbane; Ray Mitchell Oval, Harrup Park, Mackay

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113 players appeared in Other matches for Queensland in 1989/90:
D Albion; PW Anderson; D Andrew; PA Argent; AJ Bailey; TJ Barsby; BW Bauer; AM Bidgood; D Bidgood; JA Bolton; WG Breen; S Butcher; PE Cantrell; PJ Carew; J Colborne; N Covill; A Cowan; S Cramp; S Dempsey; TJ Dixon; PJ Drinnen; J Duncan; MP Du Payne; J Ellis; KG Evetts; A Farquharson; GI Foley; MJ Fraser; TL Garde; IJ Hansen; AC Harris; EJ Harris; MW Harrison; IA Healy; AB Henschell; K Hindle; GG Hogan; CJ Holding; P Hutchinson; PJ Hutchison; BP Inwood; CW Jesberg; P Johnson; NM Jones; MS Kasprowicz; I Kelly; RB Kerr; BJ Klosterman; SG Law; DR Lehmann; CJ McDermott; J McLeod; G McManus; GD Maslen; S Monty; SA Moody; D Muddle; SA Muller; BJ Murphy; S Nitz; P Niven; DH Nye; TG Oliver; K Paine; M Pearson; R Petersen; RM Peterson; N Phillips; D Pollock; MA Polzin; G Pritchard; CG Rackemann; B Ramsbottom; D Rauchle; KG Raymont; M Ready; GM Ritchie; L Ritchie; A Rowell; BJ Ruddell; LJ Schulte; SJ Scuderi; G Shaw; R Shaw; WM Short; B Sigley; PR Skuse; CB Smart; BJ Spanner; B Stackelberg; RT Staff; GA Stallard; M Stephenson; SC Storey; G Stubbin; D Tazelaar; JM Thomas; DN Thrupp; JC Tickner; DA Todd; MV Tooley; GS Trimble; IBR Venamore; MJ Verrenkamp; AM Walduck; AN Walsh; L Warden; A Watson; C White; CA White; J Wilson; JS Wilson; D Zipf.

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