Bowling for Nottinghamshire in 2010

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AR Adams27351011508686-7922.17 40
PJ Franks24621061129423-1526.88 00
DJ Pattinson1862541180335-9535.75 10
RJ Sidebottom141662630305-3521.00 10
SR Patel2073731044264-5540.15 00
SCJ Broad3967299198-5215.73 21
CE Shreck119450577184-8132.05 00
LJ Fletcher101640563123-3946.91 00
SJ Mullaney5621932194-3135.66 00
GP Swann15658822-8844.00 00
GG White138310411-104104.00 00
AC Voges6020    
MJ Wood60110    
AD Hales351260    
AD Brown540570    
DJ Hussey1081820    




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