First-class Bowling for Nottinghamshire in 2006

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MA Ealham2158104956465-5920.78 20
MHA Footitt138110755-4521.40 10
CE Shreck2556891512618-3124.78 52
RJ Sidebottom29151341307505-2226.14 10
GD Clough7845622-5628.00 00
AJ Harris2075701151385-5330.28 10
GJ Smith81227467124-7538.91 00
DJ Hussey270323662-6639.33 00
GP Swann2639951247284-5444.53 00
PJ Franks1675421071182-2459.50 00
SR Patel2951115821-2279.00 00
PJ McMahon6060    




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