Bowling for Nottinghamshire in 2005 Second Eleven Championship

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DR Cameron12619711-7397.00 00
GD Clough76324442184-7724.55 00
DJ Footitt24090    
MHA Footitt5071927485-5034.25 10
PJ Franks7321753292-2659.11 00
TC Glover7205411-5454.00 00
AJ Harris13236911-6969.00 00
JA Hawley3204411-4444.00 00
R Hodgkinson131532887243-5336.95 00
PJ McMahon132369500276-3318.51 10
BR Modha110120    
AC Morris13268822-6144.00 00
OJ Newby6042611-2626.00 00
WM Noon60240    
AW Parkin-Coates12028921-2444.50 00
SR Patel153984687266-5526.42 10
SM Phillips200714464-3924.00 00
SA Roberts222614552-2429.00 00
WA Sabey303911-99.00 00
CE Shreck105039605183-4133.61 00
RJ Sidebottom12654521-1922.50 00
A Singh2040    
WR Smith6010    
MJA Whiley240590    
PJ Wilshaw10070    




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