Bowling for Nottinghamshire in 2000

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JE Morris1602611-2626.00 00
CM Tolley3122210743-2226.75 00
PR Reiffel140160586215-6227.90 10
RD Stemp2390140946335-12328.66 10
DJ Millns135742880305-5829.33 10
PJ Franks2362811247427-5629.69 20
AJ Harris2307621358446-11030.86 40
DS Lucas163157888274-6132.88 00
U Afzaal8964637993-2642.11 00
MN Bowen4081420842-4752.00 00
JER Gallian5522427852-4255.60 00
SJ Randall132210911-109109.00 00
DJ Bicknell6100    
GE Welton6010    
MJA Whiley812760    




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