Bowling for Nottinghamshire in 1999

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U Afzaal295819831-1766.00 00
RT Bates780830    
MN Bowen158453872375-6623.56 10
MP Dowman210810911-25109.00 00
VC Drakes35181311794806-3922.42 52
KP Evans12657033-7023.33 00
PJ Franks30781241489635-5223.63 10
JER Gallian2201111252-2822.40 00
NA Gie300270    
P Johnson60100    
DS Lucas62321394155-10426.26 10
SJ Randall462182370    
RD Stemp195588974164-11460.87 00
CM Tolley5102019953-1539.80 00
AG Wharf2013651216314-3039.22 00
MJA Whiley7234411-4444.00 00




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