Bowling for Nottinghamshire in 1998

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PJ Franks2426871375526-6326.44 40
CM Tolley194776960347-4528.23 30
MN Bowen185576875317-7328.22 10
AR Oram183575969314-3731.25 00
PA Strang2121105983305-16632.76 10
KP Evans163873735275-9227.22 20
MP Dowman83431397122-1033.08 00
AG Wharf4991433393-2537.00 00
U Afzaal454929274-10141.71 00
JER Gallian2831310321-1451.50 00
MJA Whiley174412411-66124.00 00
RT Bates1262980    




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