Bowling for Nottinghamshire in 1997

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U Afzaal119540689143-7949.21 00
GF Archer318918841-2447.00 00
NJ Astle125444525225-4623.86 10
RT Bates135451576113-8952.36 00
MN Bowen28041071394417-7534.00 31
MP Dowman4861526063-1043.33 00
KP Evans27471031277456-4028.37 20
PJ Franks2236631158304-4738.60 00
JE Hindson58024287114-2826.09 00
P Johnson845340    
WM Noon60120    
AR Oram136055684264-5326.30 00
RA Pick5842230752-2361.40 00
CM Tolley2178871005356-6128.71 10




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