Bowling for Nottinghamshire in 1992 County Championship

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CC Lewis222367991406-9024.77 21
JA Afford26711111434436-6833.34 11
EE Hemmings155995602184-3033.44 00
GW Mike410927683-4834.50 00
CL Cairns34591041945546-7036.01 20
DB Pennett163448924254-5836.96 00
MA Crawley123652601163-3837.56 00
KP Evans33531241633435-2737.97 10
RJ Chapman7817721-3838.50 00
RA Pick140546784153-3352.26 00
MG Field-Buss95424571104-7157.10 00
RT Robinson6040    
DW Randall6080    
P Johnson300300    
PR Pollard240330    




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