Bowling for Nottinghamshire in 1988

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FD Stephenson491519622891257-5618.31 103
RJ Evans15096333-4021.00 00
M Newell10646332-3821.00 00
KE Cooper489622021791015-4121.57 50
CL Cairns65416384154-7025.60 00
JA Afford4981927093-6030.00 00
EE Hemmings30531391312424-5031.23 00
DJ Millns107422683193-3735.94 00
RA Pick4441433493-3737.11 00
KP Evans155349829223-2237.68 00
K Saxelby147242837173-2149.23 00
JD Birch7403537972-5254.14 00
DJ Callaghan10215911-5959.00 00
P Johnson12110    
PR Pollard11050    
CW Scott60100    
BC Broad240300    
CD Fraser-Darling724300    
RT Robinson240380    
MK Bore542410    




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