Bowling for Nottinghamshire in 1986

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RJ Hadlee2362108825576-3114.47 51
PM Such102353438195-3623.05 10
KE Cooper24651061026435-10223.86 10
JD Birch6612411-424.00 00
CEB Rice24801151111444-5425.25 00
EE Hemmings49112592134737-10229.23 52
RA Pick2815881570506-6831.40 10
JA Afford29561321455456-8132.33 31
K Saxelby170454905274-4733.51 00
CD Fraser-Darling72016461125-8438.41 10
KP Evans308821811-19218.00 00
DW Randall180170    
RT Robinson120180    
M Newell120190    
BC Broad421410    
P Johnson11421130    




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