Bowling for Nottinghamshire in 1984 County Championship

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JA Afford2071410442-4926.00 00
JD Birch180200    
MK Bore78828389125-3032.41 10
BC Broad188613122-2365.50 00
KE Cooper34702001266478-4426.93 10
BN French60220    
RJ Hadlee463424816451177-3514.05 61
EE Hemmings45292162080866-4924.18 61
M Hendrick433338685-1710.75 10
P Johnson1201411-1414.00 00
RA Pick85224495114-5245.00 00
DW Randall5804333-4314.33 00
CEB Rice123653569194-6129.94 00
K Saxelby29571321516475-4332.25 10
PM Such159382640285-5222.85 10




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