Bowling for Nottinghamshire in 1973

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JD Birch900920    
DR Doshi4142023583-7229.37 00
G Edwards52027224125-4418.66 10
C Forbes6412826662-7344.33 00
G Frost4801823362-3138.83 00
MJ Harris4342122883-1328.50 00
N Nanan120611-66.00 00
DW Randall120140    
MJ Smedley6100    
GS Sobers146474619264-6423.80 00
B Stead35531171679534-4831.67 00
W Taylor2289611241464-3726.97 00
PA Todd12030    
HT Tunnicliffe240190    
RA White31831391415444-4232.15 00
PA Wilkinson2526781280383-2233.68 00




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