Bowling for Nottinghamshire in 1965

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C Forbes613632322981177-3019.64 60
AJ Corran573627422551116-3120.31 80
IJ Davison2392101982415-2523.95 10
AA Johnson145353718254-1328.72 00
BD Wells2074156655224-5529.77 00
K Gillhouley1982107862284-3530.78 00
MNS Taylor28441341116355-2331.88 10
DW Baker4321625674-7836.57 00
HI Moore11118822-3744.00 00
B Stead3761517741-1944.25 00
JB Bolus6734711-2747.00 00
A Gill180220    
NW Hill140540    
NB Whittingham720560    




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