Bowling for Nottinghamshire in 1964 County Championship

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DW Baker4322018131-2560.33 00
AJ Corran205585831364-4223.08 00
J Cotton180372807336-5424.45 20
IJ Davison45121791901827-6823.18 51
C Forbes2655143950537-8017.92 21
A Gill166107752-2815.40 00
K Gillhouley40712351642635-2126.06 20
G Goonesena108645485225-5022.04 20
M Hill181220    
AA Johnson17496821-3334.00 00
G Millman9150    
HI Moore6100    
MJ Smedley1040    
MNS Taylor26491301004334-4630.42 00
BD Wells2997197940334-4128.48 00




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