Bowling for Nottinghamshire in 1963

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JB Bolus360280    
AJ Corran136259612235-5526.60 10
J Cotton32251261429655-5621.98 10
IJ Davison529920824341116-3021.92 61
C Forbes40761721878574-7532.94 00
A Gill7805811-3458.00 00
K Gillhouley47262881946666-9529.48 20
NW Hill5424911-4949.00 00
AA Johnson240110    
G Millman120100    
HI Moore100711-77.00 00
JD Springall7843522-1417.50 00
B Stead17458821-1844.00 00
BD Wells64684202306977-3423.77 41
NB Whittingham8264111-941.00 00




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