Bowling for Nottinghamshire in 1962

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IJ Davison41811542106777-2827.35 50
AJ Corran47071762375725-6932.98 10
J Cotton37011491750626-2628.22 10
BD Wells60763862232595-3737.83 30
C Forbes2452771154356-8432.97 10
PR Forman124070564185-7331.33 10
B Stead3301019552-2339.00 00
D Pratt9526137442-5293.50 00
A Gill210317122-6585.50 00
JD Springall4021320811-34208.00 00
WE Rhodes6100    
HM Winfield4050    
RT Simpson30100    
NW Hill60120    
M Hill160230    
CJ Poole463240    
NB Whittingham241250    




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