Bowling for Nottinghamshire in 1961 County Championship

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AJ Corran39871452024586-6134.89 30
J Cotton22931051046376-5828.27 10
IJ Davison45731502571736-7735.21 20
C Forbes38241292018504-5940.36 00
PR Forman67033314144-3422.42 00
M Hill6034511-1545.00 00
M Morgan380930973-3244.14 00
RP Oakden97120606124-8650.50 00
RT Simpson10080    
JD Springall244812821-4264.00 00
RC Vowles76228418114-10638.00 00
BD Wells66844152590817-6631.97 30
A Wheelhouse21079542-4023.75 00




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