Bowling for Nottinghamshire in 1960

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A Siddons185611164-3718.50 00
RP Oakden5432111-2121.00 00
BD Wells812757629101206-8624.25 61
J Cotton45351972010826-11424.51 50
M Morgan1873117848264-4532.61 00
T Atkinson39291661925536-6136.32 11
JD Springall23691111126315-3436.32 10
IJ Davison34291201780433-3241.39 00
C Forbes4953019432-9564.66 00
RT Simpson9836911-1269.00 00
A Gill201415421-5377.00 00
RC Vowles3361216522-5582.50 00
G Millman180170    
CJ Poole421250    
NW Hill421340    
CV Lindo1204740    




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