Bowling for Nottinghamshire in 1958 County Championship

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A Jepson42261981688748-4522.81 21
K Smales36952181431627-4223.08 40
G Goonesena34111101853627-6329.88 51
J Cotton2015901043426-6524.83 20
T Atkinson1956581126234-4148.95 00
PF Harvey52618266123-5922.16 00
PA Taylor6082033572-8247.85 00
CS Matthews5041422465-6037.33 10
M Morgan5992532862-10554.66 00
RC Vowles13255811-4558.00 00
AK Walker13255811-1058.00 00
CJ Poole5040    
RT Simpson170120    
NW Hill280230    
JA Walters1083730    




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