Bowling for Nottinghamshire in 1957

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T Atkinson5701534221-42171.00 00
JD Clay60130    
B Dooland769841530531368-4222.44 112
RJ Giles12130    
G Goonesena2325931104497-7522.53 40
M Hill7207122-6035.50 00
NW Hill180260    
A Jepson45841851992685-4629.29 10
J Kelly13821140    
CS Matthews184164879284-331.39 00
M Morgan172079807173-4647.47 00
KJ Poole7261344752-4689.40 00
RT Simpson2040    
K Smales33531761539376-5541.59 10
FW Stocks156213611-16136.00 00
RC Vowles204414563-3924.16 00
AK Walker24461011113337-5633.72 10




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