Bowling for Nottinghamshire in 1955 County Championship

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JD Clay3050    
AB Cleveley228910733-6335.66 00
B Dooland693731431461428-6122.15 165
G Goonesena26671081214575-4821.29 30
J Hardstaff6010    
PF Harvey184389808183-1644.88 00
A Jepson46012021861625-4930.01 10
J Kelly3662812342-5230.75 00
CS Matthews4752916696-6518.44 10
CJ Poole1040    
KJ Poole11023161272-5987.42 00
RT Simpson2040    
K Smales667336527571147-4424.18 83
FW Stocks222613242-4133.00 00
M Wood401923142-6857.75 00




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