Bowling for Nottinghamshire in 1954 County Championship

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B Dooland697038426111798-3914.58 208
G Goonesena179885752354-2121.48 00
HJ Butler4222611-2626.00 00
RJ Giles2361010542-1826.25 00
K Smales1974101863305-3328.76 10
A Jepson50022041914655-4429.44 10
CS Matthews27181121058344-3431.11 00
PF Harvey8063434983-6743.62 00
FW Stocks2024109844193-1444.42 00
J Kelly1710114656144-10646.85 00
JD Clay6090    
CJ Poole160160    
AJ Underwood1447470    




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