Bowling for Nottinghamshire in 1947 County Championship

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HJ Butler47782041907876-3621.91 62
HR Cox3541319531-3565.00 00
RJ Giles904440    
J Hardstaff7621636984-4346.12 00
CB Harris5282724031-780.00 00
PF Harvey6901041562-9569.16 00
N Horsley4681624962-2741.50 00
A Jepson692424230801107-5028.00 71
TB Reddick474730131-7100.33 00
WA Sime11624055793-3161.88 00
RT Simpson9617011-3070.00 00
FW Stocks2354661267213-3060.33 00
W Voce110446434103-7243.40 00
GL Willatt18090    
FH Winrow46391672152566-6538.42 20




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