Bowling for Nottinghamshire in 1934

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RDF Bland204114911-81149.00 00
HJ Butler39041191697536-3932.01 10
SWT Castledine240250    
HR Cox4401320042-7550.00 00
GV Gunn43511442133776-16727.70 41
J Hardstaff961620    
CB Harris133829732153-2948.80 00
WW Keeton2301822-169.00 00
H Larwood30691031415827-5117.25 60
A Staples37101341500366-3941.66 10
SJ Staples12618911-3589.00 00
RA Taylor6010    
P Vaulkhard4803011-3030.00 00
W Voce626321428221288-6622.04 92
FG Woodhead76722433104-6043.30 00




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