Bowling for Nottinghamshire in 1928 County Championship

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F Barratt552820226131076-6524.42 51
AW Carr144410022-2150.00 00
WA Flint6601835632-54118.66 00
G Gunn12719122-3045.50 00
CB Harris1984900    
GFH Heane961680    
H Larwood401916316361166-2414.10 81
TL Richmond36081051781605-4529.68 40
A Staples32071071381373-2637.32 00
SJ Staples54122182138916-7423.49 50
W Voce33511511373567-3924.51 31
WW Whysall2201911-419.00 00




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