Bowling for Nottinghamshire in 1913

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TG Wass45571562059987-11321.01 91
J Iremonger58153172079946-2122.11 53
W Riley32581841165455-7025.88 10
JR Gunn180766776275-7328.74 10
GM Lee110419732254-13029.28 00
EB Alletson32614120104-1512.00 00
AW Carr288424353-7348.60 00
GO Gauld331821431-1171.33 00
J Horsley462635432-176118.00 00
J Hardstaff6604322-4321.50 00
TL Richmond223614722-9373.50 00
H Wilson10815511-2155.00 00
AO Jones301150    
GT Branston480430    




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