Bowling for Nottinghamshire in 1909 County Championship

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EB Alletson6100    
JW Barnes12064311-3243.00 00
GT Branston10218922-8944.50 00
CC Clifton264416243-8940.50 00
G Gunn486100    
JR Gunn140943609214-5429.00 00
AW Hallam39342151412727-2919.61 52
A Iremonger56319252105-8325.20 10
J Iremonger2968165999396-7325.61 20
AO Jones78121413148-7129.50 10
W Riley108748478216-2722.76 20
BW Taylor4501524594-6827.22 00
TG Wass38421351730868-6420.11 83




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