Bowling for Nottinghamshire in 1908 County Championship

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EB Alletson3612411-2424.00 00
GT Branston4251222055-4344.00 10
CC Clifton122160474164-6329.62 00
G Gunn9672411-124.00 00
JR Gunn163469639204-7831.95 00
AW Hallam47952691684726-7923.38 50
J Hardstaff228714753-7729.40 00
J Iremonger29921681010576-1917.71 31
AO Jones3481218052-6236.00 00
WRD Payton12040    
BW Taylor114235608216-10928.95 10
TG Wass459915321651168-2918.66 134




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