Bowling for Nottinghamshire in 1905

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G Anthony156106511-4265.00 00
GT Branston162310821-3754.00 00
GH Chambers241150    
JW Day4741726872-2638.28 00
JA Dixon240150    
JP Fellows60311-33.00 00
G Gunn105136574205-5028.70 10
JR Gunn54771822592997-7826.18 91
AW Hallam38221941439676-4621.47 40
J Hardstaff181100    
RE Hemingway6060    
WG Heymann13864822-3724.00 00
J Iremonger4981725752-1951.40 00
AO Jones106426551184-5930.61 00
TW Oates180200    
JH Pennington142956547205-3027.35 10
T Simpson16257721-2838.50 00
WJ Speak510540    
H Staunton120110    
BW Taylor258619185-10823.87 10
TG Wass34791251705838-6720.54 92




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