Bowling for Nottinghamshire in 1904 County Championship

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G Anthony104940509143-936.35 00
GT Branston1023600    
JW Day4682025095-5027.77 10
JA Dixon219515122-4875.50 00
G Gunn3602111-2121.00 00
JR Gunn577826525941057-7724.70 92
AW Hallam2746163887314-3228.61 00
J Hardstaff225714464-5724.00 00
J Iremonger6842834173-6048.71 00
AO Jones76728428133-4332.92 00
JH Pennington6241536994-13541.00 00
T Simpson6100    
TG Wass48371872336996-5523.59 103




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