Nottinghamshire in Second XI Matches in 1938

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Home Grounds used:
Trent Bridge, Nottingham

Away Grounds visited:
Station Road, South Darley; Aylestone Road, Leicester; Edgbaston, Birmingham

Second XI playing record:
P 5     W 2     D 3     L 0

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25 players appeared in Second XI matches for Nottinghamshire in 1938:
JF Blood; J Bradley; RJ Giles; ES Heane; JS Hodgkins; A Jepson; D Jones; EA Marshall; EA Meads; J Richards; RT Simpson; Slater; Smith; J Smith; NMM Turner; DFG Walker; GA Walker; D Watkin; Whitty; GL Willatt; FH Winrow; FG Woodhead; G Yates; WG Yates; Yeomans.




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