50 Runs and 5 Wickets in a Season for Nottinghamshire

536GD Clough2004
965GD Clough2005
1036MA Ealham2005
11010SR Patel2005
15711GP Swann2005
798GD Clough2006
1299MA Ealham2006
2396SR Patel2006
17013GP Swann2006
12810GP Swann2007
8510MA Ealham2008
16110SR Patel2008
1309SR Patel2009
14514SJ Mullaney2010
45917SR Patel2010
5612GG White2010
16210SJ Mullaney2011
28710SR Patel2011
1097SR Patel2012
16914SR Patel2013
2985DJ Hussey2013
16411SJ Mullaney2014
37915SR Patel2014
13112SJ Mullaney2015
3868SR Patel2015
5112SJ Mullaney2016
14316SR Patel2016
957AD Russell2016
35611DT Christian2017
1738SJ Mullaney2017
40516SR Patel2017




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