Highest Partnerships Against Nottinghamshire By Surrey

1112 MA Butcher & IJ WardThe AMP Oval, Kennington2001a13556
2189 AD Brown & GJ BattyTrent Bridge, Nottingham2001a13704
3112 Trent Bridge, Nottingham1994a8642
4149 KC Sangakkara & GC WilsonThe Kia Oval, Kennington2015a24244
5159 GP Thorpe & DM WardThe Foster's Oval, Kennington1993a8163
656*Trent Bridge, Nottingham1984a4193
788*GS Clinton & RD JackmanKennington Oval, Kennington1980a2681
870 Trent Bridge, Nottingham1999a11888
927*Trent Bridge, Nottingham1990a6557
1022 The Foster's Oval, Kennington1997a10606




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