Highest Partnerships For Nottinghamshire Against Sussex

1147 JER Gallian & RJ WarrenCounty Ground, Hove2004a16007
2165 Trent Bridge, Nottingham1996a9827
3163 Trent Bridge, Nottingham1994a8625
4123 MA Wagh & SR PatelCounty Ground, Hove2007a18389
581 DJ Hussey & MH WesselsThe Brighton and Hove Jobs County Ground, Hove2013a22777
6167*CL Cairns & CMW ReadTrent Bridge, Nottingham2003a15264
756*SJ Mullaney & CMW ReadThe Brighton and Hove Jobs County Ground, Hove2015a24173
841 Trent Bridge, Nottingham1992a7487
980 Trent Bridge, Nottingham1975a1449
1024*DS Lucas & RD StempCounty Ground, Hove1999a12123




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