Most Wickets in a Match against Nottinghamshire

17-89WG Grace for GloucestershireCollege Ground, Cheltenham1877f2071
16-60WG Grace for Marylebone Cricket ClubLord's Cricket Ground, St John's Wood1885f2874
16-83GC Collins for KentCrabble Athletic Ground, Dover1922f10368
16-122CL Townsend for GloucestershireTrent Bridge, Nottingham1895f4309
15-81TWJ Goddard for GloucestershireAshley Down Ground, Bristol1947f17486
15-85AW Mold for LancashireTrent Bridge, Nottingham1895f4257
15-96EJ Tyler for SomersetCounty Ground, Taunton1892f3793
15-112A Warren for DerbyshireWelbeck Abbey Cricket Ground, Warsop1904f6439
15-113CWL Parker for GloucestershireFry's Ground, Bristol1931f13407
15-114Mohammad Sami for KentMote Park, Maidstone2003f47342
15-136A Woodcock for LeicestershireGrace Road, Leicester1894f4098
15-154JT Hearne for MiddlesexTrent Bridge, Nottingham1893f3947
15-161J Vine for SussexTrent Bridge, Nottingham1901f5573
15-164JE Walsh for LeicestershirePark Road, Loughborough1949f18332
15-193AA Mailey for AustraliansTrent Bridge, Nottingham1926f11640
14-33R Peel for YorkshireBramall Lane, Sheffield1888f3295
14-73R Tattersall for LancashireOld Trafford, Manchester1953f20225
14-97WA Woof for GloucestershireClifton College Close Ground, Clifton1890f3548
14-97GH Hirst for YorkshireDewsbury and Savile Ground, Dewsbury1906f6940
14-102WS Patterson for LancashireTrent Bridge, Nottingham1877f2032
14-130JB King for Gentlemen of PhiladelphiaTrent Bridge, Nottingham1908f7562
14-131AP Freeman for KentSt Lawrence Ground, Canterbury1929f12860
14-145T Richardson for SurreyTrent Bridge, Nottingham1893f3854
14-147TWJ Goddard for GloucestershireAshley Down Ground, Bristol1937f15953
14-?FW Lillywhite for Marylebone Cricket ClubLord's Cricket Ground, St John's Wood1843f640
14-?J Wisden for SussexRoyal Brunswick Ground, Hove1848f775
13-41W Huddleston for LancashireAigburth, Liverpool1906f6856
13-46AV Bedser for SurreyKennington Oval, Kennington1952f19735
13-52CTB Turner for AustraliansTrent Bridge, Nottingham1893f3963
13-60V Broderick for NorthamptonshireTown Ground, Peterborough1948f17901
13-68MW Tate for SussexCricket Field Road, Horsham1923f10550
13-71DL Underwood for KentCheriton Road Sports Ground, Folkestone1979f32675
13-72AG Steel for LancashireOld Trafford, Manchester1878f2147
13-73JH King for LeicestershireAylestone Road, Leicester1901f5659
13-88GD Rose for SomersetCounty Ground, Taunton1996f42403
13-90T Emmett for YorkshireBramall Lane, Sheffield1871f1668
13-97T Emmett for YorkshireDewsbury and Savile Ground, Dewsbury1868f1498
13-98RK Kleinveldt for NorthamptonshireCounty Ground, Northampton2017f58026
13-99T Richardson for SurreyTrent Bridge, Nottingham1894f4011
13-104FE Rumsey for SomersetCounty Ground, Taunton1963f24908
13-105W Mycroft for DerbyshireTrent Bridge, Nottingham1878f2126
13-106RC Ontong for GlamorganTrent Bridge, Nottingham1985f35934
13-108Mushtaq Ahmed for SussexTrent Bridge, Nottingham2006f49527
13-109WS Lees for SurreyKennington Oval, Kennington1905f6727
13-110CL Townsend for GloucestershireCollege Ground, Cheltenham1895f4342
13-116HA Gilbert for WorcestershireCounty Ground, New Road, Worcester1921f10063
13-118A Morton for DerbyshireQueen's Park, Chesterfield1921f9866
13-121C Cook for GloucestershireTrent Bridge, Nottingham1956f21533
13-127RC Ontong for GlamorganSophia Gardens, Cardiff1986f36554
13-135D Shackleton for HampshireJ Samuel White's Ground, Cowes1957f21804
13-140AE Trott for MiddlesexLord's Cricket Ground, St John's Wood1901f5580
13-144GAR Lock for SurreyTrent Bridge, Nottingham1956f21283
13-150W Wright for KentMote Park, Maidstone1895f4296
13-151RA Sinfield for GloucestershireAshley Down Ground, Bristol1934f14683
13-157J Southerton for SurreyTrent Bridge, Nottingham1868f1511
13-161DL Underwood for KentTrent Bridge, Nottingham1983f34667
13-176WE Bowes for YorkshireTrent Bridge, Nottingham1933f14273
13-178AE Trott for MiddlesexTrent Bridge, Nottingham1898f4999
13-?E Hinkly for All England ElevenKelham Road, Newark-on-Trent1856f1012




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