Teams David Dawson played for

Main FCTasmania (2004/05-2008/09)
 New South Wales (2011/12-2012/13)
Main ListATasmania (2004/05-2008/09)
 New South Wales (2012/13)
Second Eleven ChampionshipNottinghamshire Second XI (2003)
Sheffield ShieldTasmania (2004/05-2008/09)
 New South Wales (2011/12-2012/13)
MiscellaneousAustralian Capital Territory Under-17s (1997/98-1998/99)
 Australian Capital Territory Under-19s (1999/00-2000/01)
 Australian Capital Territory (2000/01-2014/15)
 Australian Capital Territory President's XI (2001/02)
 Australian Cricket Academy (2002)
 Australia Prime Minister's XI (2002/03-2005/06)
 Australian Capital Territory Second XI (2002/03)
 Tasmania Second XI (2003/04-2008/09)
 Australian Institute of Sport Second XI (2005)
 University of New South Wales (2009/10-2015/16)
 University of New South Wales President's XI (2010/11)
 New South Wales Under-23s (2011/12-2013/14)
 New South Wales Second XI (2012/13)
 New South Wales Country Origin (2013/14)
 New South Wales XI (2013/14)




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