Teams Richard Stroh played for

Main FCNorth West (South Africa) (2004/05-2005/06)
Main ListANorth West (South Africa) (2003/04-2005/06)
Other ListAGauteng and North West Combined XI (2004/05)
Second Eleven TrophyNottinghamshire Second XI (2010)
Nottinghamshire Premier LeagueCuckney (2008-2013)
 Welbeck Colliery (2014)
 Welbeck (2015-2016)
MiscellaneousNorth West Under-15s (1996/97)
 South African Country Districts (2003/04)
 North West University (2004/05)
 Cuckney (2005-2013)
 Cuckney Third XI (2008)
 Nottinghamshire Premier Cricket League (2008-2013)
 Nottinghamshire Second XI (2010)
 Welbeck Colliery (2014)
 Welbeck (2015-2016)




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