Teams Aquib Afzaal played for

Main ListANottinghamshire Cricket Board (2001)
Minor Counties TrophyNottinghamshire Cricket Board (2001-2002)
Second Eleven ChampionshipNottinghamshire Second XI (2000-2003)
 Northamptonshire Second XI (2004)
 Worcestershire Second XI (2004)
Second Eleven TrophyNottinghamshire Second XI (2003)
 Northamptonshire Second XI (2004)
Derbyshire Premier LeagueClifton (2003-2006)
Nottinghamshire Premier LeagueNotts Unity Casuals (2001-2002)
 West Indian Cavaliers (2007-2015)
MiscellaneousNottinghamshire Second XI (2003)
 Nottinghamshire Under-21s (2003)
 Clifton (2003-2006)
 Development of Excellence South XI (2003)
 Clifton (2004)
 Derbyshire Second XI (2004)
 West Indian Cavaliers (2007-2015)
 West Indian Cavaliers Second XI (2008-2015)




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