Teams Chris Cooke played for

Main FCWestern Province (South Africa) (2009/10)
 Glamorgan (Wales) (2013-2016)
Main ListAWestern Province (South Africa) (2008/09-2009/10)
 Glamorgan (Wales) (2011-2015)
Main Twenty20Glamorgan (Wales) (2011-2015)
Second Eleven ChampionshipNottinghamshire Second XI (2009)
 Glamorgan Second XI (2010-2013)
 Hampshire Second XI (2010)
Second Eleven TrophyNottinghamshire Second XI (2009)
 Glamorgan Second XI (2010-2013)
Second Eleven Twenty20Glamorgan Second XI (2011-2015)
South Wales New Premier LeaguePort Talbot Town (2011-2014)
County ChampionshipGlamorgan (Wales) (2013-2016)
MiscellaneousWestern Province Under-13s (1998/99)
 Western Province Under-15s (2001/02)
 Western Province Under-19s (South Africa) (2003/04-2004/05)
 Cape Town (2004/05-2006/07)
 University of Cape Town (2006/07-2007/08)
 Western Province XI (2008/09)
 Cape Cobras Emerging Players (2010)
 Hampshire Second XI (2010)
 Glamorgan Second XI (2010-2014)
 Rondebosch (2010/11-2013/14)
 Glamorgan (Wales) (2010/11-2016)
 JA Rudolph's XI (2015)




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